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Floating Diamonds Poncho Kit

Floating Diamonds Poncho Kit

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You'll love wearing this easy-breezy poncho on cool summer evenings and all year round.  Bonus! It is equally stunning worn over jeans or to complete a dressier outfit.  

About the Kit

  • Curated Colorways: come standard with enough yarn to complete the short version, as worn by the model who is 5'5" tall. 
  • Printed Pattern: Kits also include a printed pattern and a small gift to show our appreciation for your patronage.
  • Yardage Estimates: yardage estimates are listed under the pattern information below. 
  • For Med or Long versions: Add extra skeins as indicated in the "Bundle your own" section below.
  • Free Shipping on all curated and bundled kits - so there's no wondering at checkout about your shipping costs.

Choose from one of our curated colorways

  • Amethyst Haze (shown): 
    • Yarn A - HHF Skinny Singles in Insomnia
    • Yarn B - HHF Alpaca Boucle in Graphite
    • Yarn C - HHF Merino Lace in Hush
  • Echo Canyon: 
    • Yarn A - HHF Skinny Singles in Echo
    • Yarn B - The Fibre Co Cirro in Ghost Dunes
  • Electrify:
    • Yarn A - HHF Skinny Singles in Fly
    • Yarn B - HHF Alpaca Boucle in Skinny Dip
    • Yarn C - HHF Merino Lace in Velvet
  • Firefly:
    • Yarn A - HHF Skinny Singles in Raku
    • Yarn B - HHF Alpaca Boucle in Copper Penny

Or bundle your own kit!


short (medium, long)

The model is wearing the short version.

Color Options & Quantities

  • Yarn A: Select quantity indicated for your size from one of these yarn options for short (medium, long) sizes.
    • 1, (2, 2) skeins HHF Skinny Singles (400yds/366m, 100g, 100% merino superwash) 
      • Phoenix, Brigid, Raku, Copper Singles, Budgie, Echo, Boa, Bloom, Fly, Skinny Dip Singles 
    • 1, (2, 2) skeins Less Traveled Yarn Dreamliner (438yds/400m, 100g, 
      • Stone Fox, Burnout, Huckleberry, Aubergine, Pumpkin Spice, Devils Bridge, Obsidian, Butterfly, Aurora Borealis, Tidal, Love Beach
    • 3, (3, 3) skeins The Fibre Co Canopy Fingering (200yds/183m, 50g,  50% baby alpaca, 30% Merino wool, 20% viscose from bamboo)
      • Jacaranda, River Dolphin
  • Yarn B: Select quantity indicated for your size from one of these yarn options for short (medium, long) sizes.
    • 1, (1, 2) skeins HHF Alpaca Boucle (620yds/600m, 100g, 66% alpaca, 34% silk)
      • Dusk, Graphite, Plump, Copper Penny, Glacier, Monarch, Skinny Dip
    • 2, (3, 4) skeins The Fibre Co Cirro (246yds/220m, 50g,  40% Suri alpaca, 40% organic cotton, 20% Merino wool)
      • Pink Planet, Ghost Dunes, Noble, Angelic, Exquisite
  • Yarn C (optional): Select quantity indicated for your size
    • 1, (1, 2) skeins HHF Merino Lace (1200, 100g, 100% merino wool)
      • Velvet, Hush


Materials Not Included

US 10 (6.0mm) 24-40”/60-100cm circular or size needed to obtain gauge

US 3 (3.25mm) needles, or in size needed to obtain gauge

US 3 (3.25mm) 40 - 60”/100-150cm long circular needle for finishing 

Stitch holders or scrap yarn

Tapestry needle

About the Pattern

Ruana: Noun; A poncho with an opening down the front. 

 I’d never heard the term “Ruana” before, but wanted just such a wrap for chilly evenings. The sides of the wrap are worked first in Yarn B.  A strand of lace (Yarn C) may optionally be carried along Yarn B. The center panels are then worked with Yarn A, again optionally carrying one strand lace along with it. After grafting the center panels at the shoulders and seaming the sides to the center panel, the fronts and back are finished with a simple garter stitch edging worked in Yarn A, or optionally in a double strand of lace (Yarn C) as shown in the sample.  

The lace side panels and slip-stitch center panels are knit separately.  The side panels are seamed to the center panels and the shoulders are grafted using the kitchener stitch. 

Finished Measurements

36x43 (36x49, 43x55)”/91.5x109 (91.5x124.5, 109x140)cm

Estimated Yardages: 

  • Yarn A: 400 (460, 520)yds/365 (420, 475)m.
  • Yarn B: 470 (540, 780)yds/430 (493, 713)m.
  • Yarn C (optional): 970 (1100, 1400)yds/887 (1006, 1280)m.


In Half Linen Stitch, 28 sts & 48 rows = 4”/10cm, after blocking. 

In Mrs. Montegue’s Lace, 14 sts & 19 rows = 4”/10cm, after blocking. 

To save time, take time to check gauge.


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Color: Amethyst Haze
Amethyst Haze
Color: Echo Canyon
Echo Canyon
Color: Electrify
Color: Firefly
Color: B - Pink Planet
B - Pink Planet
Color: A - Stone Fox
A - Stone Fox
Color: A - Jacaranda
A  - Jacaranda
Color: B - Dusk
B - Dusk
Color: A - Huckleberry
A - Huckleberry
Color: B - Graphite
B - Graphite
Color: A - Burnout
A - Burnout
Color: A - Aubergine
A - Aubergine
Color: B - Plump
B - Plump
Color: A - Phoenix
A - Phoenix
Color: A - Brigid
A - Brigid
Color: B - Copper Penny
B - Copper Penny
Color: A - Copper Singles
A - Copper Singles
Color: A - Raku
A - Raku
Color: B - Glacier
B - Glacier
Color: A - Budgie
A - Budgie
Color: B - Monarch
B - Monarch
Color: A - Pumpkin Spice
A - Pumpkin Spice
Color: B - Ghost Dunes
B - Ghost Dunes
Color: A - Echo
A - Echo
Color: A - Devils Bridge
A - Devil's Bridge
Color: B - Noble
B - Noble
Color: A - Boa
A - Boa
Color: A - Obsidian
A - Obsidian
Color: B - Angelic
B - Angelic
Color: A - Butterfly
A - Butterfly
Color: A - Bloom
A - Bloom
Color: B - Skinny Dip
B - Skinny Dip
Color: A - Fly
A - Fly
Color: A - Skinny Dip Singles
A - Skinny Dip Singles
Color: B - Exquisite