Inspired by Yarn

Inspired by Yarn

The Inspiration

For the past few days I've been mulling over a new design.  I love playing with color and texture, and when we were doing the first video clips for Sweet Meadow Knits (the one on the home page) the idea for a light summer poncho popped into my head.  This would be a simple project, where the yarn says it all.  I knew I wanted to feature Alpaca Boucle from Hedgehog Fibres. Looking through my stash -- designers (and yarn purveyors) have very big stashes -- I saw several possibilities. 


Option 1.

This first combination reminds me of Kodachrome, by Paul Simon, with all the greens and blues of summer and then some!

Hedgehog Fibres: Alpaca Boucle in Skinny Dip, Skinny Singles in fly and Merino Lace in velvet


Option 2.

Or I could use the dusky rocky mountain colors with pops of wildflowers:

Hedgehog Fibres: Alpaca Boucle in graphite, Skinny Singles in insomnia and Merino Lace in stone


Option 3.

Breezy and cool, this combination reminds me of wind and reflections on a clear blue day. 

Hedgehog Fibres: Alpaca Boucle in glacier, Skinny Singles in budgie and Merino Lace in hush

I could have tossed a coin between this combination and the last.  In the end I chose this combination, mostly because it's for me and I'm partial to blue. 

After a little research into poncho styles, I've decided on making a "Ruana", which is a large square with an opening down the front.  I plan to use the Merino Lace throughout, doubling it with both the Skinny Singles and the Boucle.  Tonight:  sketching and swatching.  Stay tuned for part 2: the design. 

May the sun shine on your knitting, may your skeins never tangle, and have a great day!


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