A Tale of Two Buggiflooer Beanies

A Tale of Two Buggiflooer Beanies

This is the tale of two beanies, one for my sister Paula, and one for me.  For Christmas two years ago Santa gave her a new blue (ish) coat and gave me a red (ish) one.  Neither of us bothered to get new hats, because we both knew someday I would make them.  A year later, I did.  I love working on hats while traveling, and decided to make mine during our trip to Shetland Wool Week last year (in 2023).  Theoretically, one is supposed to wear their wool-week hat during wool-week. And if you ever go there, you will need a hat, preferably a beanie... something that doesn't blow off in the wind, and fits comfortably under the hood of your rain jacket. (If I ever have the good fortune to go back, I'll bring one hat to knit and a second hat to wear!)

In this instance, I had just ordered Elemental Affects Shetland Fingering for the shop, and had not yet made anything from it.  So I brought along all the wool I needed, and bought some 3mm needles my first day on the island. They are partial to the Addi Lace turbo dpns, which I really like for stranded colorwork too, now that I've tried them. 

The Pattern

Alison Rendall is the designer of the Buggiflooer beanie, and you can find it on Ravelry for about $5.31, depending on the exchange rate. 

The Colors for My Buggiflooer

  • A - Emsket (2 skeins)
  • B - Lichen
  • C - Deep Garnet
  • D - Watermelon
  • E - Pumpkin Spice
  • F - Ochre

These are all in stock at the moment. Note: on chart D of the pattern I swapped C & D.  The background color requires 2 skeins. All other colors require only one skein.

Some of the pattern repeats were more complex (not TV material) but I really enjoyed knitting it. So, I decided to buy more yarn while I was there to make one for Paula. It was my first time working with Jamieson and Smith yarn (similar to Jamieson's of Shetland).  The yarn is slightly thinner to work with than the American Shetland, and then blooms beautifully. It also feels a little more "wooly" while knitting, but softens considerably when washed. This is especially true of yarn on cones, because residue from the processing oils remains on the yarn to make it easier for weaving.  

The Colors for Paula's Buggiflooer

  • A - 1281 mix
  • B - 133 mix
  • C - 29 mix
  • D - 62 mix
  • E - 75
  • F - Elemental Affects Ochre (I cheated after changing my mind on the accent color)


I carry Jamieson's of Shetland Spindrift, and there are comparable colors.  If you decide you'd like to make this hat, and would like these colors, or to choose your own, let me know.  I can work with you on color selection.  Pics of the combination in color and in grayscale would also be helpful before making a final decision.  

May the sun shine on your knitting, may your skeins never tangle, and have a great day!


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